How we treat each other says a lot about who we are!

Little Sprouts Teaches

Kindness: Being kind is the most basic lesson we teach on a daily basis. Throughout the day, teachers use the word “kind” to describe sharing, soft touches, acts of service and listening ears.  Catching a child in an act of kindness is a very big deal, and we celebrate it every chance we get.

Respect: This concept we often link to peer interaction.  Talking to children about good choices and showing respect to each other.  We also use the word as we teach the children about diversity.  Learning how people like different things, look differently, have different interest and abilities is a gateway to learning respect.  While discussing emotions, conflicts and expectations, teachers use the term respect to help the child understand how showing respect leads to happy interactions.

Responsibility:  Although this is a concept more geared toward our children ages 2 and up, we also introduce the word to the one year olds as we wash hands, pick up toys, practice table manners, etc. For our older children, learning about responsibility includes washing hands, picking up, dumping plates, table manners, following classroom rules and fixing mistakes.   We teach the children to address responsibilities before moving on to other activities.

All three pillars are a major part of our positive behavioral approach.  Our core belief is a child will be successful when given the opprotunity to make positive choices.  By providing a loving and caring enviornment, where teachers model/teach these pillars of character, children will learn healthy social skills for their years to come.